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As 10% of children will have some degree of dyslexia it is important that all teachers are aware of the strategies needed to help dyslexic learners. 


We offer assessments for children (as well as adults) and our reports will give practical advice on how to best support your learners. 
All our assessors have the Assessment Practising Certificate and hold approved qualifications. 

Dyslexia Awareness training 

Why is it important that you know about dyslexia? 10% of the population is considered to be dyslexic. 
Dyslexics have a different learning style which requires a different approach to conventional teaching methods. Dyslexia-friendly teaching and training methods are considered suitable and advantageous for all learners. Our organisation offers awareness training so that you can meet the needs of all learners by becoming aware of the ‘reasonable adjustments’ that can be made to enhance learning, not just for the dyslexic but also for every individual in the training session. Dyslexia may cause problems processing the written and spoken word as well as difficulties with organisation, time management and memory. These will impact on how an individual acquires learning. 
Book a motivational talk for your secondary school students 
Our inspirational talk is delivered by Altwood School alumni, Daisy Dance, who is a successful singer and songwriter and TV Judge on BBC ONE Altogether Now.  
Daisy talks about what dyslexia is and the challenges and opportunities it presents. She shares her story and inspires young people with dyslexia to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions. 
Daisy offers face-to-face talk to small groups or classes, or full year groups in assembly. 
Watch our two-minute teaser here!  
If you are interested in this free talk, or have any questions, please contact Daisy on 
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