As 10% of children will have some degree of dyslexia it is important that all teachers are aware of the strategies needed to help dyslexic learners. 

Professional courses 

We provide courses covering practical skills and techniques needed to support the dyslexic learner.  
10 week courses 
one evening a week for a term 
How to Identify and Teach the Dyslexic Learner 
How to Teach Structured Spelling 
Maths and the Dyslexic Learner 


We offer assessments for children (as well as adults) and our reports will give practical advice on how to best support your learners. 
All our assessors have the Assessment Practising Certificate and hold approved qualifications. 

Dyslexia Awareness training 

Why is it important that you know about dyslexia? 10% of the population is considered to be dyslexic. 
Dyslexics have a different learning style which requires a different approach to conventional teaching methods. Dyslexia-friendly teaching and training methods are considered suitable and advantageous for all learners. Our organisation offers awareness training so that you can meet the needs of all learners by becoming aware of the ‘reasonable adjustments’ that can be made to enhance learning, not just for the dyslexic but also for every individual in the training session. Dyslexia may cause problems processing the written and spoken word as well as difficulties with organisation, time management and memory. These will impact on how an individual acquires learning. 
Tutor - outstanding. Supportive, excellent methods which are easy to apply.” 
We offer half and full day training giving practical advice on how to maximise the potential of your dyslexic learners. 
If you are interested please contact us.