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How is dyslexia affecting your organisation? 
Did you know that 1 in 10 of your employees is likely to be dyslexic? 
Dyslexia Awareness Session for Employers 
We offer a half or full day dyslexia awareness session to help employers and their staff to better understand the impact of dyslexia and the adjustments that can be made to support colleagues, customers and clients.  
Our interactive training session takes place virtually, over Zoom or Teams. 
During the session you will hear from a person with dyslexia about their own experiences.  
The session covers: 
A background to dyslexia, the symptoms, how it affects your life and how you can support those with dyslexia 
How dyslexia affects literacy skills 
The intricacies of dyslexia as an adult, the impact that it has on work life and coping skills 
Learning difficulties that are often found alongside dyslexia, including ADHD, and how they function in relation to each other 
The Equality Act 2010 - An overview of dyslexia as a legal issue 

Seeing Dyslexia as positive 

Despite the highly advertised difficulties of dyslexia, the dyslexic individual may also possess positive and valuable qualities. 
thinking outside the box 
qualities your organisation needs 
The Adult Dyslexia Centre was set up to promote the positive aspects of dyslexia and help individuals to overcome those negative aspects that can create problems in all areas of life including the workplace, which can lead to stress and absenteeism. 
Dyslexia is recognised as a disability under The Equality Act 2010, which states that reasonable adjustments must be made to accommodate a disabled employee. Employers need to know what is required of them, by law, and employees need to understand what can be done to help them maximise their contribution and be of value to their employer. 
We provide: 
Dyslexia Awareness Training 
A half or full day, for employers and/or employees, customised to your needs, to help gain an understanding of the positive and negative impact of dyslexia in the workplace. 
Assessment of employees’ needs  
An appraisal of the difficulties a dyslexic employee may encounter at work and recommendations for action. This can involve a screening test, a full dyslexia assessment and Workplace Needs Assessment. The fee for a Work Place Needs assessment is £450 
Support in the workplace  
After the assessment of need, provision can be made for appropriate support. The fee for one to one support for an employee is £60 per hour. 
Advice on reasonable adjustments  
In-house discussion of how to provide a dyslexia friendly environment and promote a culture of confidence. 
More information on Workplace Needs Assessments 
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