Debbie Farnfield, our Chair of Trustees, shares her thoughts and memories of Penny Miller. 
Barbara Martin, who used to be a tutor at the Centre, but now runs the ADC Helpline, recounts her time supporting Chef Richard Bainbridge. 
As Debbie Farnfield prepares for her retirement, she shares a bit of her history and why she started the Adult Dyslexia Centre. 
Our Centre Manager, Sara Thomassen, attended an Autism Open Day a few weeks ago. It was very worthwhile to attend as autism and dyslexia frequently co-occur. 
Alice Nugent explains her story of how she came to be a member at the Adult Dyslexia Centre. Check out her webpage: Alice is hosting an event on the 6th May 2017 to raise money for Malawi orphans. Get in touch with Alice for more details. 
The Communicate with Confidence and Compassion course, based on the concept of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) was so good for anyone who finds conventional learning hard and needs a more multi-sensory approach to gaining information and skills. 
Some interesting research has recently been carried out into the issues experienced by adults who have dyslexia.