If you are dyslexic or you think you might be, and want some guidance, contact 
Your First Step 
When you have completed the checklist, it may show that you have signs of dyslexia, even if you have concerns, get in touch with us, we can help you with information and support - or Tel: 07774 846657 
Please note - there are no charges for our helpline. 

Information Advice and Guidance 

If you know you are dyslexic, please contact our Helpline.  
For free and confidential advice please telephone 07774 846657 or 

Dyslexia Screening Session 

A screening test can be a useful tool to give and indication of dyslexic difficulties. 
Our dyslexia screening session includes an screening test carried out online and an online or telephone appointment with a qualified practitioner. 
You will get a short report with your results and recommendations to help you. We would advise that if the screening test indicates that there is a moderate to high probability of dyslexic difficulties, that it should be followed up with a diagnostic assessment with a Specialist Assessor. An assessment can determine the precise nature of your difficulties and how you can be best supported. 
You will need internet access but please let us know if you are unable to work online. 
The online screening service is £150.  
Your Next Step 

Full Assessment 

A full diagnostic assessment is a detailed testing process that allows a diagnosis of dyslexia to be made (and can give information on other Specific Learning Differences). 
A report will also makes recommendations for support, in education or the workplace. 

1 to 1 tuition 

If appropriate, we can help you organise individual tuition from a specialist tutor. 

Adult Group 

You might like to join our online adult group. Sessions are inclusive, interactive and open to all. Some meetings we invite guest speakers to share their experiences and offer advice.  
If you are interested in joining the group, please email 
‘I believe you have helped me piece things together, be more honest with myself and ultimately understand myself and to be myself!’ 
‘Sharing ideas and thoughts has encouraged and strengthened me’ 
"I am a member, tutor and trustee of this charity. Over the years it has been a lifeline for me. As a person I have grown in confidence in many ways and I was able to apply and gain jobs at a primary school and then secondary school, teaching children with special educational needs. 
Confidence building is just one of the many great things about ADC; it helps people to help themselves and therefore help them to help others. 
Over the years I have made many friends and there is a great sense of community here. You are encouraged to join in with as many as you like.  ADC is a safe, comfortable place to learn, grow and socialise." 
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