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Do you have trouble with reading and spelling? Do you think you might be dyslexic? 
Your First Step 

Information Advice and Guidance 

If you know you are dyslexic, we offer a session where you can discuss your concerns with one of our advisors. We can give you support at the Centre or we can suggest other ways forward. 

Dyslexia screening session 

If you are not sure if you are dyslexic, we offer a dyslexia screening session where you can discuss whether you are dyslexic or not. We use questionnaires and informal discussions that are private and confidential. 
Contact us to book a session or call our helpline 07921 022589 
The IAG and Screening sessions each cost £75. If you are unemployed, concessions are available. 
Click here to find a simple adult dyslexia checklist that you can print out. If you have signs of dyslexia, get in touch for further information and support. 
Your Next Step 

English Class for Dyslexic Adults 

This is an online English course suitable for dyslexic adults who need help with spelling and punctuation. 

Self Development Courses 

From time to time, we offer evening courses that help to build up your self-esteem. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive news about courses. 

Full Assessment 

This is an in depth assessment using various tests to find what the actual difficulties are. It is useful for students in further education and will suggest ways of best helping your learning. 

1 to 1 tuition 

If appropriate, you may be offered individual tuition from a specialist tutor. 

Get That Job 

This remote course is suitable for learners who might want to change career, get ready to return to work or find a new job or volunteering opportunities. 
"The centre is a safe, comfortable place to learn , grow and socialise." 
“Everything at the Centre is done so well. Teachers and assistants really help build confidence. Very good and everyone is very helpful. 100% increase in reading ability - now happy to read to children!” 
"I never read books before - I've now got through about 20 this year!" 
"I am a member, tutor and trustee at the Adult Dyslexia Centre. Over the last 13 years this Centre has been a lifeline for me. As a person I have grown in confidence in many ways and I was able to apply and gain jobs at a primary school and then secondary school teaching children with special educational needs. I now teach adults with dyslexia in the centre. 
Confidence building is just one of the many great things about the Centre; it helps people who come to the Centre to help themselves and therefore enable them to help others. 
Over the years I have made many friends at the centre and there is a great sense of community there. You are encouraged to join in with as many as you like.  The centre is a safe, comfortable place to learn, grow and socialise." 
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