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Alice Nugent explains her story of how she came to be a member at the Adult Dyslexia Centre. Check out her webpage: Alice is hosting an event on the 6th May 2017 to raise money for Malawi orphans. Get in touch with Alice for more details. 
In 2003 I saw the advertisement in the Maidenhead Advertiser for the Centre and just turned up to a drop in session. I already knew I was dyslexic because I was diagnosed after my son’s diagnosis. I wanted to start a course of study and thought the Centre might be able to help me. I found their support really helpful. I needed someone to help me write my coursework; I have lots of ideas but they do not always make sense on paper and come out jumbled. I persevered and eventually graduated in 2008 with a degree in Western Herbal Medicine. 
The courses that the Centre runs have had such a big impact on my life: art courses, public speaking and confidence building; they have made such a difference. I was very shy and now am more outspoken and have confidence in what I do. At the Centre I have made friends, I do not feel judged and am more able to express myself. Everyone has been fantastic. 
I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have done without the Centre; wouldn’t be able to view my life in a new way – reinvent myself – it has made such a difference. 
Before I took my degree, I was a Complementary Therapist doing Beauty Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and massage therapy. I wanted to do something to challenge my brain which is why I did the degree. Now I am a Herbal Medicine practitioner and am consulted about a number of different conditions. I have also started my own small business ‘Hippopot Teas’. These are herbal teas for health and wellness. I go to markets and charity events with my teas to advertise my business and to support the charities involved. I also started a project to help Malawi orphans; planning events has developed my organisational skills and writing. I would still rather talk about something than write about it though. I want to do more courses to increase my knowledge of health and nutrition.  
I am proud to be part of the Centre and proud of what it has done. 
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On 2nd May 2017 at 17:49, Sara Thomassen wrote:
Alice's teas are lovely, I highly recommend that you try them!
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